The Fast Food Patriot

The Fast Food Patriot is a man that appreciates the Freedom of the United States of America.  Freedom to conduct Business has allowed America's Food Industry to cater to Consumer's tastes for Dine-in Restaurants, Take-out Restaurants and most importantly Fast Food Restaurants.

In our fast paced economy, Time available to cook a delicious meal is often rare.  Households where Mom and Dad are both working do not always have the luxury of cooking Time.  This additional stress produced by worry of Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner is real and not going away anytime soon.

Fast Food can fill that gap by being both Delicious and Fast.  The stress relieved by the Drive-Thru Window is priceless and rarely considered by anti-Fast Food people. 

The Fast Food Patriot has been, is now and always will be a proponent of Portion Control.  You might also notice that there is not an over-abundance of toppings on the food.  Toppings should be fun but should only add to the Delicious Meat.  The Delicious Beef, Chicken and Pork should be Delicious by itself.

There were some years in the Fast Food Patriot's life that money was very tight.  There were some days when the food budget was $2.00 and thanks to Fast Food, was stretched to the maximum. 

God Bless America and God Bless Fast Food!DriveThru@fastfoodpatriot.comType your paragraph here.